Mobile Friendly newsletter in mind.
Pure Fix Cycles asked me to design and develop a newsletter for a “summer” campaign. The first thing in mind was to design & code a mobile friendly email to perfectly suit every screen and every device.


Google web fonts in your inbox.
@font-face is for loading up and using your own custom fonts, rather than the limited set of standard system fonts already installed on computers that browsers and email clients have access to. A modern technique not very popular for email clients but widely used in web design.
The web font displayed from GoogleFonts service is Roboto (sans-serif) with Helvetica/Arial displayed as fallback fonts.



“Oscar was a pleasure to work with! With very little direction, he created a beautiful, in-brand, compatible template that we’ve used countless times. The orders placed from the email template have made it pay for itself!.”

- Jordan Schau. PureFixCycles.

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