A beautiful way to enjoy your media.
Squire app is a Mac application developed & designed by Sylion Development from Spain. A beautiful app to enjoy your media in fullscreen adding your movies and TV shows while Squire helper organises them.

Email development based on Squire designs.
Sylion asked me to develop and code their transactional emails from their design based in their app. They prepared 3 designs. First one for welcoming the new users with a personal code needed to create the new account. Second one asking the users to activate their account  and the final one to confirm to end users that their account is ready to be used and enjoyed with Squire.

Responsive emails for mobile and small devices.
The main thing with this development was to be adaptive to mobile devices. Every user with every mobile device must read these emails with the same look & feel. Should not have differences between iPad, desktop or web email client and a mobile screen like an iPhone or any other Android device. Responsive design in email means a new world of possibilities and this happens creating mobile friendly HTML emails like these ones.

Tested on more than 30 email clients from desktop, mobile and webmail services.


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Trabajar con Oscar significa que obtendrás un diseño pixel perfect y un código limpio que cumple todos los estándares; todo justo en tiempo a través de un trato exquisito al cliente.

- Jonatan Castro – Squire app

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